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Ginger And Moringa The Miraculous Combination That Fights The Deadliest Diseases Of The 21st Century

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Ginger And Moringa The Miraculous Combination That Fights The Deadliest Diseases Of The 21st Century benefits of Ginger And Moringa The Miraculous Combination That Fights The Deadliest Diseases Of The 21st Century! For decades, MORINGA AND GINGER have been used to combat multiple diseases and have always yielded excellent results, recent studies have shown that if these two ingredients are used in combination and in the right portions, their effect is much faster and more effective. https://youtu.be/6VVBV3nSA-U
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crisologo Bajen (14 days ago)
M, ,kkl
Elena Ramos (15 days ago)
I think the voice over was very good.. the message is clear and understandable...thank you for sharing this very beneficial information...many people will be benefited
Tarnes William (1 month ago)
I would to do this but I don't have a measurement for 85 g ginger, pls help me...
Mc Robert Yu (25 days ago)
Tinood na thanks GOD ayaw mo ug duha2 inom gyud...moringa n ginger ...
Wardah Mir (1 month ago)
How often should i take this tea in a day for type 2 diabetes?
George York (1 month ago)
Wardah Mir girld
Lakshman Rao (1 month ago)
Moriga and Ginger can do wonder on many different types of ailments DD
Ken L. (2 months ago)
It says in the video only to use 10 Moringa leaves with 85 g of Ginger and 4 cups of water. but, some people commented here they used a handful of Moringa leaves (which is much more than 10 leaves). Which is correct?
Andre Occes (2 months ago)
Satadalsai Sai (2 months ago)
It is sojina pata, we know its benefits long back, from childhood.
Gary Ragin (2 months ago)
Ok I can't take these robots! I cut this video short...
Desreen Mc Neil (3 months ago)
IT Is ok
NWC Bodiesology (3 months ago)
Thank yuo😘♥️👍
NWC Bodiesology (3 months ago)
Gaudencio Obial (3 days ago)
NWC Bodies Pinoy boxing
Hyacinth Greaves (3 months ago)
NWC Bodiesology
Sana Khan (3 months ago)
Can v use sohnjana ki moli instead of sohnjana k paty
Za Fa (4 months ago)
Good job my uncle using for diabetes very good control no problem no pain nothing thank you again Moringa is the good one Afghanistan
Ibrahim Mohammad (1 month ago)
Za Fa ggg gh
tanin seek (4 months ago)
i heard in pakistan the mullahs have passed a fatwah against moringa
Daniel Regem (2 months ago)
That alone should tell us something that they dont want people taking it... so to me that means is a good plant or else they would not care.
tanin seek (3 months ago)
karamjit and akhand brahmand parchand
Karamjit Gaddu (3 months ago)
tanin seek and caliphate
Faruk Molvi (4 months ago)
Is that the good combination ? Thanks for sharing :)
elizabeth zegban (3 months ago)
What's about yeast infection( fungus)
Leonor Prado (4 months ago)
good for wound also ...theres a lot moringga or malunggay in philippines . eat moringga everyday they said u become intellengent. good for tooth ache also ...
Imelda Moran (2 months ago)
Leonor Prado m
Jose Nazamed (4 months ago)
Boiling the moringa leaves will kill nutritional value .......
Elizabeth Created (22 days ago)
Jose Nazamed so is it still helpful beneficial if i buy the tea already powdered?
cynthia anderson (1 month ago)
Jose Nazamed
Jose Nazamed (2 months ago)
Daniel Regem ..... I take the leaves, dry it in the sun or use a food deshydrator set not higher than 105 deg F ...... will take about 20 hrs., .... then use a coffee grainder to make it powder .... mix and drink with water or juice ..... (1 tsp per 6 to 8 oz. of liquid .... twice per day) ......
Daniel Regem (2 months ago)
Jose Nazamed so how should one do it?
Mohan Vidya (4 months ago)
why are the people in the comments section trying to be negative about the voice,can't you take the content which is life saving ??? The video is with good intentions of doing good to the sick....first God should give sense to the negative writers...disgusting.
Miss Mighell (29 days ago)
Yes, I agree with you. You are a blessing! Thank you...
James Nesbitt (1 month ago)
Mohan Vidya EXACTLY !!! Stop complaining and grasp the knowledge given
Mohan Vidya (4 months ago)
Vishnu Danraj ,haha
Vishnu Danraj (4 months ago)
Mohan Vidya I was thinking the same,,,you are so intelligent
Olayemisi A (4 months ago)
If you have the seeds instead of leaves, what would the measurement be please?
Truth Seeker (1 month ago)
Olayemisi A you probably found out by now...too much = a bunch of shit! 😄
Atibi Jumbo (5 months ago)
moringa the miracle tree,I am a living testimony
Mary Brevard (28 days ago)
Atibi Jumbo. Hey how do you make yours
Raffaella Vitiello (1 month ago)
Atibi Jumbo l agree does wonder for me
Kobby Osam (1 month ago)
Please let us know your testimony
Kobby Osam (1 month ago)
Atibi Jumbo please let us know your testimony. Thanks.
SON of Apollo (2 months ago)
So...what's your testimony?
elizabeth fen (5 months ago)
Mornings leaves gives high energy throughout the day. I boil a handful of moringa leaves in 3-4 glasses of water water. Leave in water for 1 minute after the water fully boils. Strain the mixture n keep in a glass container Drink it through the day. If you can start the first glass on an empty stomach all the better.It reduces blood pressure and also gives energy for the whole day. You don't feel tired at all even when overworked
Dorothy Williams (5 months ago)
Princetta Saray (3 months ago)
Dorothy Williams hahahahaha. Agreed!
Tonda Johnson (5 months ago)
I am a true believer of both. I’ve been drinking both separate and the results were amazing!!!!! The energy... the lumps that I have felt in my body have decreased in size to the point of barely being there..... and I have felt these two knots in my body for over ten years and they are barely noticeable!!!!! God is so good for creating a miraculous plant and don’t forget the ginger root too!!!! It is good for stomach loss!!!!! I would highly recommend!!!!! ANYONE WHO IS GOING THROUGH HEALTH ISSUES TO PLEASE TRY MORINGA !!!!! You won’t regret it !!!! Drink it everyday!!!!! You will feel a difference, but you have to drink it!!!!! I noticed results in less than two months!!!!! Of drinking it everyday since!!!!!! Good Luck!!!!
arthur mikes (23 days ago)
Tonda Johnson
Akewe (2 months ago)
I am trying to plant, but other people killed it.
Helina Chan (3 months ago)
Tonda Johnson
Henry Nyabuto (4 months ago)
Where were the lumps?thanks..
Tingloy Loreto (5 months ago)
Tonda Johnson im using fresh leave tea in moringa
Jesus My Lord (5 months ago)
Your robotic voice is horrible
T Blu (26 days ago)
Jesus My Lord I think it’s maybe sound better than your real voice !? “ could be “
Anitha K (5 months ago)
Information is very true, one can take hand full or two of Moringa leaves, to this add an inch of ginger & glass full of water & to be boiled for few minutes and consumed
Marjorie Saunders (2 months ago)
out of the depts of my soul i cry
folorunsho adigun (5 months ago)
What does it work for?
Mathil Fraser (5 months ago)
We're do I morning a leavs.
Mathil Fraser (5 months ago)
We're do I get morninga leavs.
Akosua Nse (5 months ago)
Don't you have a voice rather using this annoying computerized one?
Miss Mighell (29 days ago)
Quit complaining!!!! Did you have to pay for someone else's efforts and hard work???
Cecilia Cuffy (2 months ago)
T Gavin (5 months ago)
Does this apply to the seed as well?
nassiwa millia (5 months ago)
T Gavin thanks for the video, really educative
all the solution drinking one time?
Willo munika (5 months ago)
Very very good. I wish we could all plant Muringa
Devon Mac (1 month ago)
Willo munika y7 jbvvv con
Bruce Dobson (4 months ago)
Willo munika -- You can plant Moringa trees indoors and prune them so they don't grow beyond a certain height (whatever height you choose). I think a common indoor height is about 8 ft.
Remee Doesmyhair (5 months ago)
You can.
Julie I AM (5 months ago)
I planted moringa in my unit block 😚
purov gairo (5 months ago)
Willo munika ,it helps a lot
Fruggoal MIL (5 months ago)
Computer voice is rather annnoying takes away from the information provided.
Iswarnath Mangra (10 days ago)
Fruggoal MIL p
Nancy Yeo (14 days ago)
Fruggoal MIL
Miss Mighell (29 days ago)
Then go elsewhere and pay.
Nicola Patterson (4 months ago)
Fruggoal MIL lllllklmm
Alex Dep (5 months ago)
🍀👍🏾Thank you, app load more please
X Knowledge For Everyone (4 months ago)
informative video
Juanito Soriano (5 months ago)
Do you mean 10 pcs.of leaves of moringa only ??
Baby Rivera (6 months ago)
Thanks you

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