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She’s 64 Years Old And Everyone Envies Her. Her Face Is Wrinkles Free And Her Skin Is Beautiful

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She’s 64 Years Old And Everyone Envies Her. Her Face Is Wrinkles Free And Her Skin Is Beautiful Today we will show you two amazing recipes for facial masks, which can help you revitalize your skin and help you eliminate wrinkles. These face mask recipes are very easy to prepare. You should just follow these simple instructions. This is what to do: The following video will provide an explanation of the She’s 64 Years Old And Everyone Envies Her. Her Face Is Wrinkles Free And Her Skin Is Beautiful https://youtu.be/EYSxk5nIlr8
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Phteven Stein (7 days ago)
they use this woman's picture for different useless products and i bet she has no idea they are doing it or she would have made millijons . she can sue them 😈😈
Joanne Greaves (1 month ago)
I think this video is absolutely diabolical. After my auntie had heart surgery she was put on aspirin and 3 years later she passed away cause her surgeon did not monitor her at the time he should have. Her aspirin should have been reduced. And you have the audacity to use this video as an advertisement for youth. Your disgraceful and cant even show yourself. Disgusting. Omg how can you be so cruel??? What is it? A bad comment is better than none! Sad.
Christel DT (1 month ago)
Bull f..... shit!!!!
Christina Walsh (1 month ago)
Aspirin can cause internal bleeding that can prove fatal. The blood thinner was in an aspirin marketed as Bufferin. It wasn't the aspirin that thinned the blood. It was the magnesium in it that did! Magnesium is a powerhouse for health and essential to us. Most people are magnesium deficient but don't know it until they start experiencing troubling/disturbing symptoms.. lookup Dr Carolyn Dean
Hina Kashaf (1 month ago)
Bullshit rubbish
Hina Kashaf (1 month ago)
Do it ur self missrobot
Pearl Ford (2 months ago)
Even on the good photo she looks at least 70.
Je Zus (2 months ago)
I tink she have an facelift. ...
kimm crumley (2 months ago)
64? So why do she look 94?
Chris Kumalo (3 months ago)
this woman was usen in a scam. where they use cream and dr phil had to expose them . their product was just water with gelatin
Biber Bok (3 months ago)
Text to speak is used when one can not speak English and or to hide a middle eastern accent, maybe Russia. Who knows? Thats the point who knows? What is known is there is no English speaking person here!!
Margarita M (3 months ago)
Dont listen to these liars ._.
DaughterOf Zion (4 months ago)
Use rice & rice water on your skin face. Rice water helps my skin looks clearer and pretty
Anna Huff (4 months ago)
where. do. i buy. rice. flour? never. heard of. it
KateMate * (4 months ago)
Absolute rubbish & totally fake!
Migolina Adamo (4 months ago)
Thank you so much. Keep up the great remedies
Shanto Lion (4 months ago)
She looks 100 and obviously had a facelift
Kimberly Roman (4 months ago)
Jnou ren
Ddolores Amaya (4 months ago)
I don't believe this that guy that made my face itch
Ddolores Amaya (4 months ago)
that don't even look like the same lady
Benette Semper (4 months ago)
They use this picture often on many products they sell , that makes us feel a bit sold for dummies.
Paige White (5 months ago)
#ClickBait 😒😒 👀! 👀! That lady is ONLY "64"! !??! 😳😳😳 😒My goodness! 😲😩😩 THIS VIDEO is LYING! :: she Looks 75/80 Something in that first picture. 🙌 😲 ANGELA BASSETT is #58! NO WAY they're ONLY 6Years apart. #THIS VIDEO is CLICKBAIT
shikha Rai (5 months ago)
Everyone will get wrinkle..we should take ageing with pride..no one will remain beautiful all his her life..if u keep using botox, n all thses kinda crap then u will ruin ur face mare than ageing will do.to ur face..as much as I know..drink lots n lots of water n jus keeping your skin moisturized is best for skin..for this use virgin coconut oil..apply to your face every night n wash it just with water the next morning since the coconut oil.gets observed by skin making it soft n subtle..oil is better than thousands of worth of serums and creams n moisturizers..the basic funda of keepibg skin in good condition is jus keeping it moisturized all the time..esp at night:)
Alvina Rio (6 months ago)
For your age I would try " argan life pure argan oil ". It will help with wrinkles and acne.
Ghie Bitlog (6 months ago)
winsome donegal (6 months ago)
That lady in the video advertised for life Time lift procedure , so this concoction is not what made her look younger.
simosc2 (7 months ago)
I hate these robot voices
Ahmet Cakir (8 months ago)
This womans face looks like my balls after hot shower..
Indigenous Luv (9 months ago)
This voice is annoying
That is clearly photoshopped I think the best think is keeping the skin hydrated and stay out of prolonged sunlight. Wash with a simple soapy water using sunlight soap, then rinse face then use aloe vera as a toner. Im 59 this year and it doesn't need to be aspirin and lemon that's going to affect the ph balance of your skin if you use that every day.
Del Buie (2 months ago)
The High Priestess Studio - Psychic Medium Fay5
Ilovelosangeles (9 months ago)
Aisha Rana (9 months ago)
Aspirin or despurin alag Hain?
don trachefski (10 months ago)
Can I sue this robot if anything goes wrong ? ASPRIN never ever !!!
Sagisli (10 months ago)
I just tried this but I didn't leave it on for 10 minutes. I washed it off after 5, honestly I saw a difference, not like the woman in the picture but my skin is super soft. I tried the first recipe, not the second.
Roy Chefets (4 months ago)
Sagisli ...you must be the most gullible chick on the planet.
Kindy Holl (10 months ago)
Argan Rain %100 Pure Argan Oil Treatment works as advertised and is a great value for the cost. I use this everyday and am very pleased with the results!! This is a super deal!! The delivery was as promised and came very well packaged. Thanks
bahar majid (10 months ago)
lemon juice is acid with aspirin both of them will destroy the skin believe me this is not right i used it burned my face thank you
Maznyo Marrugo (11 months ago)
This before and after picture is shown for each and every "miracle" cream on the interner. An absolute bogus!!!
shelley Lebell (11 months ago)
If she's 64 than I'm 90!
Deana Couture (11 months ago)
A this is fake
Ann Perrin (1 month ago)
Deana Couture cancel
Shara Edwards (2 months ago)
Deana Couture and
De From HeLL DFH (4 months ago)
Deana Couture - Ahhh come on that aint FakE' its a two way mirror'' Lol'
Seedy Said (11 months ago)
Kevin Guy (11 months ago)
Final instruction is eat face slowly
Monish Kumar (4 months ago)
Kevin Guy ki
Laly Antony (11 months ago)
meherun khanji boliye??
Jeanette Navarro (11 months ago)
That woman look like 90 yrs. old
Christel DT (1 month ago)
I wont even look like her when I'll be in my 90's!
zimjun7 (2 months ago)
Funny!! I had JUST said that to myself...
DonniDeVille (11 months ago)
First I will say WHY do you people always have the exact same picture of someone and then try to alter it enough to convince others the picture was taken at a later date?? IT IS OBVIOUSLY photo-shopped or painted out. Here eye is the same angle and some messy half-wiped off eye liner added for what reason? Why is that eye make up done so badly? Compare the direction of the ear from both pictures and the way the far side cheek is in the same angle by the nose on each picture. This type of cheating really makes me sick! Also, SALYCILIC ACID is not supposed to be imbibed! Also, it dries the skin and can make it peel. Some people can be very allergic to this acid! No-one envies this woman! You got to be kidding. She looks more like 75! Want to know my secrets? I'm over 65! (And I've been ill, so I can look better) And I still don't have wrinkles, and it's easy. Put tape at side of eyes (where crows feet develop) when you lie down to sleep. The wrinkles can't form then. That's it. As for the other wrinkles which may be on the face, if you had ironed your face every now and then (special easy to get cheap gadget) from an earlier age, there would not be any deep lines nor medium ones!! Maybe not even any tiny lines! Women tend to believe all that rubbish about rubbing moisturiser in and they do RUB it in. It is the rubbing and stretching of the skin which makes it wrinkle! When women and girls cry, they rub under the eye harshly, to dry the tear. NO! That stretches the skin! DAB, gently with a tissue! Take care BEFORE wrinkles come and you'll hardly see any! Aging does not mean you have to wrinkle, not even on your body! Keep it moisturized and supple, use on face too, but DO NOT RUB OR STRETCH FACE!
Senka H (10 months ago)
The pic after is actually when she was young .but pic before is how she look now. that is the trick
Laly Antony (11 months ago)
borbman ????
Laly Antony (11 months ago)
Borbman1 (11 months ago)
This is complete and utter bullshit. Aspirin is a blood thinner, and there are no articles actually even suggesting a link between the two. One more thing, if this were to be true, how come we only hear of it from some d-list youtube video and not, you know, the science community?
Joanne Greaves (1 month ago)
I absolutely agree with you. This video is bullshit. Wow how far people will go just for a comment.
Lee Kitchen (1 month ago)
Spots scone
Bum Bum (7 months ago)
Borbman1 8
Schoolkutie Lake (9 months ago)
Cheers for the Video! Apologies for butting in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you researched - Riddleagan Pic Trick Remedy (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a great exclusive guide for stopping aging and looking younger minus the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my work colleague got cool results with it.
Laly Antony (11 months ago)
can use after 40 agening peoples?
Meherun Nahar Khan (11 months ago)
Laly Antony ,
Borbman1 (11 months ago)
There id no science to this. This is fake
Juicy Metra (11 months ago)
She looks 64 or older to me...
RDFFD Foundation (11 months ago)
using Microwaves? is it safe?
Patricia Parks (11 months ago)
Behrooz Bahariedeylami

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