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200K MAKE UP CHALLENGE!! | bahasa indonesia | Fanny Tjhindra

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Hello guys ini adalah video pertama ku tentang make up 200k make up challenge yaitu challenge yang mengunakan produk yang total di bawah 200.000 rupiah Produk yang di gunakan : bb cream 37.000 sponge 2.000 alis 5.000 eyelid tape 8.000 warda 36.000 lipstik 35.000 eyeliner 35.000 bulu mata 3.000 bedak 22.000 total 183.000 Please subcribe me instagram : fanny_tjhindra
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Text Comments (14)
Nisa 212 (1 year ago)
Fanny Tjhindra (1 year ago)
makasi dear ❤❤
florentina Windy (1 year ago)
i dare you to do MISUSED MAKEUP CHALLENGE. full face makeup for example, using lipcolor for your eyebrow, and then using eyeshadow for your foundation. up to you how you do this challenge but please tag me. i really want to watch how you do this! for exp how i do this challenge, link on my bio ;) have fun ;)
Fanny Tjhindra (1 year ago)
okaii nnti aku akan buat :D
anin risdiani (1 year ago)
Fanny Tjhindra (1 year ago)
makasi :D
Elisa Monic (2 years ago)
yuhuu.. pendatang baru di channel mu! aku pernah pake tuh bedak itu dulu, dan cukup suka sama coverage nya, kadang malah gak perlu pake foundation lagi hehe. keep making videos :)
Fanny Tjhindra (2 years ago)
haha iy makasi ya suport nya.. :3
just a small town girl (2 years ago)
Fanny Tjhindra (2 years ago)
makasi :D
Chris Vian (2 years ago)
wuihh kreatif loh bs pake lipstik buat pemerah pipi.. cantik hanya dengan 200k.
Fanny Tjhindra (2 years ago)
hahaha iy makasi :D
Mega Chintasih (2 years ago)
semangaat fanny!!!! :D
Fanny Tjhindra (2 years ago)
yeeiiy!!! :D

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